drawing o a curve

As Amazing as CLIP STUDIO PAINT is, it does not yet have (as of August 2020) a way to write text on a curve.  BUT I have come up with a hack. There are other hacks on the web, but I like mine best. Because it's ... easy.  I like easy.  What we're going to do is make a Custom Brush. 

So, go to the Text tab and write out your line of text.  Think hard about the kind of type you plan to use, because how it looks on the page after you write it is how it will always look.  So be creative!  Which, since I'm just wanting a more creative signature for  my art, I am not doing.

You should know that I believe in OVER EXPLAINING.  And with that:

1. Open the Text Tab and write out the line you want to be able to Write on a Curve (kinda sorta).

text it2.

2. Now you need to rasterize the text. Then select the text, leaving a little bit of room on both sides, so you can have gaps between the sentences if you want more than one text set.


3. Okay, those images ... aren't quite in order.  So again, write text.  Rasterize.  Select text, leaving a gap o both sides so you can loop the text.  Yeah!
THEN!  Under Edit, choose Register Material.  Then choose Image. 


4. Now note all the things that I have checked here.  Brush Tip.  Yes.  Scale Up/Down.  Yes. See drop down, choose Text.  Then click Image Material and click Brush Tip.  And Lastly, Create a Folder and name it something that you can remember.


5.  Now that you have your brush tip all ready to go, you need a brush to use it in.  It needs to be one that already does most of what you want.  I suggest that you choose the one I choose -- Tirolean Tape -- and duplicate it so you don't screw up the original one. 


6.  Then, right-click on the new brush (it'll be at the bottom of the list) and choose "settings for sub-tool".  Change the name and call it something cool.


7. Now you have a brush to play with.
Click on the wrench to open the advanced panel.  Then click on Brush Tip to go in and DELETE all of the brush tips.


8. Now, next to the trashcan is an icon for the Materials.  Click that.  And find that new folder you made for your Text Brush Tip.  Choose your Text Brush and click OK.


9.  Now is the LAST and VERY IMPORTANT PART. Right now, you'll notice that the text brush looks whacked. 
To fix that, choose the direction: Horizontal.  And Reset the Angle to 64.3.  Then your text will line up like the one on my text widow.  Whoo!


10. And you are done!  You have a brush you can DRAW with.  Or open a circular ruler and use it to draw along.  AND BOOM!  You can now write text along a curve.  Whoo!


Contact: terisuewood  at  yahoo dot com