Please note, postage has changed.  It is now $12 unless stated otherwise.


I am doing three different kinds of art commissions.  PG/R Only.

- - - A single character, full body with simple background and in full color, 9" x 12" - - -

$45 plus $12 US for shipping (for up to 3 pieces of art, after that it is what the Postal Gods want). Additional Characters are $10 each. Payment is due when complete, but before I ship the art. I'll invoice you via Paypal.  Figure 2 weeks per piece of art.  Just to be safe.  :)

And in case you've had mishaps with art and shipping in the past, I DO package my art pretty seriously. It will have lots of cardboard and a waterproof envelope, and should get there safe and sound.

If you are outside the United States, I'll ask for a $15 down-payment on shipping, and I will invoice you again for any additional cost the post office demanded.   Understand, some countries are very expensive to ship to from the United States.  The weight cost, if  you want to check first, is around 14-15 ounces.



  -scarlet witch - - - - - enchantress
To see Full Sized Versions, plus other stuff I've done, go to my DEVIANTART page.

Also I am now opening the door to larger commissions

- - - A single character, full body with simple background and in full color, 11" x 14" - - -

Same as above, but $60 plus $15 US Shipping.

- - -

AND, I am now offering to do:



I am opening the door for illustration of short -- up to 8-12 pages -- comic book stories.

These will be similar to the artwork seen above for Tim Fellrath's short story in HEROES NOW #2.   Digitally painted in grays.

Prices for art will likely go up in the future, but for now it will be $45 per page, no text balloons/art only.  Payment on Completion.  I can do them with text, but I am going through a very Dyslexic period, so!  If you want text, I will do it.  But I'll need your help proof-reading the text balloons, since I don't always see mistakes right now. 

To explain that deadline further, if you send me an 8 page story, the deadline would need to be five weeks from start of project. I do send small pngs of the pages, so you can see where I am.  But full sized pages will not be sent until the work has been paid for.

Also, please, if this is a story with established characters from earlier published work, please send me reference images of any characters or buildings that have already been set down in print. Thank you!

If this works for you, contact me at:  Make the subject line: "Draw My Story?"

My contact email is 


I also have several of my quick, Quarantine drawings for sale.  They are around 3.5"x9".  And they are $6 each.  First come, first serve.  I'll update this as I sell them.   I suggest adding these on to a commission, as there is no cheap, safe way to mail these.

I am also still drawing them around commissions, so more to come.  Check back if you don't see anything that rings your bells.

          VAMP2 taarna   DS      fLD

$15 -   6" x 9" Art


Punchline, the print

To see Full Sized Versions, plus other stuff I've done, go to my DEVIANTART page.


8"x11" --  $30 EACH


shehulk  zan
sold  smash

Full Sized Art, 9"x12"

$45 plus shipping.

power girl

To see Full Sized Versions, plus other stuff I've done, go to my DEVIANTART page.

I take Paypal. terisuewood at yahoo dot com

If I haven't worked with you before, I ask half down at start.  The remainder of payment is due at completion, with shipping following payment.  I will send you a tracking number.

If we've done business before without problems, no down-payment is necessary.  Full payment is due before shipping.

Facebook Messenger --or-- Email: terisuewood at gmail dot com


Teri Sue Wood aka Resa Challender

Mailing Addy (Please send an email to let me know as I do not check it often)
Teri S. Wood aka Teresa Challender, PO Box 1585, Port Angeles, WA 98362

EMAIL: terisuewood at gmail dot com or terisuewood at