Animations by Teri S. Wood

My Channel, Teri's Tiny Toons, on Youtube where you can find my Dark Shadows Tiny Toons Fan Animations -- I love that show!! --  and my first few animated music videos.

This Page is a Work In Progress

Thank you so much for your interest! I hope that you have enjoyed my animations.  I've had a lot of fun creating them.

If you swanted to ask if I could animate a song for you or your band, yes, I can.  

However, please understand that I am learning animation as I go, so I may have limitations on what I can create. The upside is that I will give a large discount to my first few customers.  

For now (April 2024), a 3-4 minute music video takes three months to complete and costs $500.

What I will need from you:

  1.  An mp3 audio file of your song. And it must be YOUR song. You must have the right to have it animated.
  2.  I will need an idea of what you want me to do with it, a written "story" idea. I will craft your video storyboard from this. (see next section)
  3. I will also need a written copy of what you want your animation's title to be and any credits or copyrights you wish to have run at the end of the video.  
  4.  Once the storyboarded idea has been agreed upon, I'll need half the cost upfront before I can begin. 
  5.  After I finish your music video and you download it for your use, I want to showcase a copy of the animation on my YouTube page. For me to do this, I will need you to file with YouTube that I have the right to showcase your video.  

What You Can Expect From Me:
  1.  A storyboard of your idea created from the story idea you sent me. The storyboard will be a loosely drawn "comic" animated with your music so that you have an idea of what the final product will look like. This part usually takes 1 to 2 weeks.  
  2. Once we both agree on what will happen in your animation, I will need $250 to begin work. The estimated time to complete it is three months.
  3.  You will receive animation updates with a watermark every 2-3 weeks. After the first update, you may request changes or cancel the project. If you choose to cancel, I will refund $200 of the $250. After the second update, there can be no more changes, and the $250 is no longer refundable.
  4.  All updates, including the finished project, will have my watermark until the final payment is received and cashed. At this point, you will receive a link to a clean, non-watermarked copy to download.
  5.  All my finished animations will have my information at the end.

I can be contacted at: teriwood@gmail.com